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Created for growing businesses, Yahclick can help enhance your company’s performance with a high-speed, always-on connection that gives instant access to resources that are critical for success. With Yahclick, businesses can share information easier and faster than ever with customers, partners and suppliers. Whether the subscriber is a single person office or a multi-site operation, Yahclick delivers a suite of scalable products and applications to meet budgets and enhance productivity for increasing competitiveness in the marketplace.

Yahclick is ideal for businesses that require reliable broadband Internet connectivity to support email, web access and various business applications, as well as a back up solution for existing terrestrial Internet during network failures.

Key Benefits and Applications:

Broadband Service Plan Clicksat Private Limited

Regular Packages

Package Description Download (Kbps) Upload (Kbps) Monthly Download Allowance
Lite 5GB 2,048 256 05 GB
Lite 10GB 2,048 512 10 GB
Empower 20GB 5,120 768 20 GB
Empower 30GB 5,120 1,024 30 GB
Premium 50GB 7,168 1,024 50 GB
Premium 100GB 7,168 1,536 100 GB

Enterprise Packages

Package Description Download (Kbps) Upload (Kbps) Monthly Download Allowance
Mega 3Mbps 3,072 1,024 270 GB
Uplink Mini 512 256 512 9 GB
Uplink Master 3 Mbps 1,024 3,072 80 GB

Unlimited Packages

Package Description Download (Kbps) Upload (Kbps) Monthly Download Allowance
YahClick Insure 2Mbps 2,048 512 1.5 GB
YahClick Insure 5Mbps 5,120 1,536 1.5 GB
YahClick Insure 15Mbps 15,360 3,072 3 GB

CPE List

Modem Type 74cm, 1 Watt 74cm, 2 Watt 98cm, 1 Watt 98cm, 2 Watt 120cm, 2 Watt
HN9260 65,000 70,000 80,000 95,000 156,000
HN9460 80,000 95,000 100,000 115,000 156,000
HN9600 80,000 90,000 105,000 115,000 156,000
HN9800 90,000 100,000 115,000 125,000 170,000

Usage Policy

Download and Upload speeds are “up to” speeds. Actual speeds will depend on time of day, events happening in the same location and usage patterns in each market.

Fair Access Policy applies. Users are able to download 10% of their monthly data allowance during any rolling 72 hour period. Speeds will be reduced if usage exceeds permitted download allowance. Unlimited data upload is permitted. Upload data is not counted as part of the monthly data allowance, and no upload speed reductions apply.

Unlimited FreeZone applies from 1am to 6am. Data downloaded during FreeZone is not counted as part of the download allowance.