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Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the issue faced by Pakistan for broadband proliferation and present a very unique solution to the problem.The Digital Divide or the digital split, is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the Internet and those who do not.

‘Satellite broadband’ is an integral component in closing this digital divide. Ten years ago, the Internet was not a necessity. Those who had it, benefited from it and those who didn’t, did not necessarily miss out on too much. Times have changed now and today, having access to the Internet is as important as anything. Businesses of all sizes require Internet in order to be productive and make a profit.The World Wide Web has expedited the arrival of the information age, and in today’s wired world, everything on the information super-highway is just a few clicks away.

Despite the ease of Internet access in urban areas, there exists an urban-rural broadband gap in Pakistan. One of the great challenges of broadband is to provide service to potential customers in areas of low population density, such as villages and small towns. Economic growth in rural communities is being hampered because there is little or poor access to the Internet.

As the need for Internet access has increased, technology has also advanced. Where dial-up Internet access was once an effective solution, Satellite Internet has taken over. Satellite broadband means that you are always connected to the Internet, because this connection relies on space instead of terrestrial wires on Earth. A satellite connection offers Internet to those who live in locations so remote that there are no telephone lines. In the past, Satellite broadband Internet connection was regarded as a luxury for the tech savvy people. However, to keep pace with the demands of present living it has become a necessity for everyone to get a faster and reliable Satellite broadband Internet.

Satellite broadband can be the great enabler that restores Pakistan’s rural economic well-being and opens doors of opportunity for all, no matter where they live. A country like Pakistan can get large-scale benefits out of satellite broadband including social sector, government sector, CSOs, businesses, education, banking & financial sector, or healthcare. The rural population in Pakistan is approximately 130 Million, which is a huge market that remains underserved. Satellite broadband can help connect to these rural areas, and create economic opportunities in this untapped market of Pakistan.

We are proud to say that Clicksat (Pvt.) Ltd has been selected by Yahsat, a renowned satellite service from Abu Dhabi, to roll out its broadband services in Pakistan. Together we offer our unique and revolutionary brand, ‘YahClick’ as a new Satellite Broadband Internet Service to serve the people of Pakistan. Our Satellite Broadband services gives you the advantage of access anywhere and fast & flexible deployment & operations; best for rural and remote areas and VSAT & broadcast type applications.

ClickSat is the answer to the Pakistan’s digital divide.

Thank you.

Jahangir Khan,
President, Clicksat (Pvt.) Limited.