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Clicksat has partnered with Yahsat, to provide Yahclick satellite broadband services in Pakistan. Yahclick is a completely different experience from yesterday’s satellite internet. It’s made possible by the power of the high capacity satellite on Ka Band, state-of-the-art ground equipment, and breakthrough web acceleration technology. Yahclick is so fast that it redefines satellite internet!

YahClick provides cost effective, high speed, wide reaching and reliable satellite broadband services to consumer and enterprise markets in the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia. The core of YahClick’s mission is to provide a wide range of flexible service packages with speeds, prices and service levels tailored to meet individual user and market conditions. YahClick is beamed through the Y1B Satellite, which is the first satellite in the region to offer Internet connectivity through Ka-band multi-spot beams, with reusable frequencies to maximize spectrum efficiency.

While traditional satellite technology utilises broad single beams covering entire continents and regions, YahClick’s Ka-band spot beams provide coverage over highly targeted areas, which simply means more reliability, greater efficiency on the ground, smaller antennas and lower costs for the end user.